Stop lying to me!

Do you constantly have the feeling that you’ve been had? Like when others make you accept something that they believe to be the right thing? But you realise at some point that right does not necessarily mean true?

That means that what you once believed as right was not true all along. They were all lies.

And you would not have believed in them if you were left to decide on them for yourself. But you couldn’t because others led you into believing they were true.

That means, if you were left to your own devices, you would see the following truths from such lies . . .

• Experience is not wisdom.

• Advice is not instruction.

• Opinions are not judgment.

• Impressions are not definitions.

• Problems are not persecution.

• Blame is not a solution.

• Opposition is not subversive.

• Preventive is not oppressive.

• Consequences are not fate.

• Preferences are not about hate.

• Sincerity is not conditional.

• Generosity holds no collateral.

• Courtesy is not hypocrisy.

• Idiosyncrasy is not idiocy.

• Acknowledgement is not recognition.

• Attainment is different from achievement.

• Memory retention is not intelligence.

• Stupidity is not ignorance.


• Ignorance is not incurable.