I Have A Little Shop [Or 2]

I did some paintings over the pandemic. They’re digital oil paintings though. I couldn’t go out to get the necessary paraphernalia during lockdown. So I resorted to getting the iPad to earn its cost. And painted digitally using whatever free app was available on it.

And as now there’s enough of them, I thought I’d give this new fangled online commerce a go. I’ve got them onto saleable merchandise. As well as some of the oil on canvas I’ve done before. You can link from the images below.

Do give those paintings a click. Even if just to browse to occupy the mind and time.

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Inside Outside. A painting of my front garden. Click On the image to be transported to the shop.


Wherever I Hang My Hat That’s My Home. Available across various merchandise. Type in nichism to Search. Or click https://www.redbubble.com/people/NikAriffAzmee/shop