14 To 59

This painting sums up three things that’s stayed with me since I was 14. The Rolling Stones. The Stratocaster. And my fascination with art. As to why 14? Well. I discovered rock n’ roll prior to. But at 14 I felt like I “got” The Stones.

No. I do not have a Micawber-like Telecaster. And I’ve painted in 6-strings instead of just 5.

I’d wake up to Brown Sugar

Lazy boned but full of swagger

See Keith Richards in the corner

Wearing a pair of blacken mirror

Take my attitude for the day 

Not a rat’s ass to what they say

Just five strings and I’m ready to play

Turn the screws to open A

Jumping Jack Flash is a way I feel

Through crossfire hurricane thunders peel

But I see my feet and I know its real

But it’s alright, cos it’s Jagger’s will

Don’t know a world without the Stones

A restless comfort I’ve always known

Like an e-string left to drone

Paint it black to the bone