It’s In The Scriptures

Every time I think I’d like to listen to a discourse or a debate between the atheist and the apologist, I can’t help but be despaired by the apologists’ arguments. The denials. The confirmation biases. The cherry-picking. Quote mining. Projectioning. Tu quoque. And other fanciful flights of fallacy. So I thought I’d just call it out for what it truly is.

Men make up truths by what they see

Stars beneath a dome holding up a sea

Terra firma spreads like a prayer mat

You can only face one way ‘cos their earth is flat

The sun shines the day. There’s a glow in the night

The moon they say is the smaller ball of light

Never mind that shadows cast on its face

Just remember their shapes to count out the days

Reading out from books in languages lost

Changes brings benefits but they make up their cost

They may have mirages but they’ve never seen frost

They only have one source for every cause

These are truths from ignorant times

Run by narratives of primitive minds

Because some insist they still hold true

Planes fly through buildings. There’s a bomb in a shoe