Yes I Am One

Yes I am the weekend warrior 

Mangy stratcat, ad hoc jammer

Ripped jeans and a Stratocaster

In the lights I’m a mutharocker 

All week long I’ll earn my wages

Reports and meetings and hefty ledgers

Passions later. Make a living first

A shave and tie and I’m all business

But I am the weekend warrior

Mangy stratcat, ready jammer

Call me up if you need a number

I fill the bits you can’t remember

I’m polite in all the right circles

Nice and clean to all the right girls

Until I plug into a stack of Marshalls

I am a transient through different worlds

Yes I am the weekend warrior 

Mangy stratcat, tireless jammer

Plug the jack, cue the monitor 

Shut your face I’m all you’ll hear

I’ll be a friend. I’ll be a dear 

If there’s a problem I’ll lend an ear

But Thank God Friday I’m outta here

You can’t hold down a weekend warrior