Yes I Am One

Yes I am the weekend warrior 

Mangy stratcat, ad hoc jammer

Ripped jeans and a Stratocaster

In the lights I’m a mutharocker 

All week long I’ll earn my wages

Reports and meetings and hefty ledgers

Passions later. Make a living first

A shave and tie and I’m all business

But I am the weekend warrior

Mangy stratcat, ready jammer

Call me up if you need a number

I fill the bits you can’t remember

I’m polite in all the right circles

Nice and clean to all the right girls

Until I plug into a stack of Marshalls

I am a transient through different worlds

Yes I am the weekend warrior 

Mangy stratcat, tireless jammer

Plug the jack, cue the monitor 

Shut your face I’m all you’ll hear

I’ll be a friend. I’ll be a dear 

If there’s a problem I’ll lend an ear

But Thank God Friday I’m outta here

You can’t hold down a weekend warrior

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Playlist for a selection of the stuff here.  It’s in a certain preferred order if I were to believe that I had to burn a CD for it.

This is for those whose mobile could not access the songs.  However, it seems that if you can’t have Realplayer on your mobile then this is still to no avail.

That means no to mobiles by Apple for sure.

“Unfortunately it is not available for your device because of restrictions that Apple has put in place.” – Adobe Flash Player

Darn it! At least that’s one reason, apart from price, that I can see now why people still won’t get Apple mobiles.