Just because you don’t want it to happen, never meant that it won’t. And when it happens, there’s the heart wrenching pain of realising why you never wanted it to happen. That’s as much as I can say about losing a parent.

My mother tugs me through the snow

Her strides are long and I’m just slow

Her hurried pace she’s hard to hold

But her words are warm despite the cold

Once indoors she gets the heater glowing

And sits by the window to see my father coming

On the carpet I’ll run my toy truck

But soon I’ll have to wake up

From seeing myself by her feet

To be weeping in my sleep



As of late 2017, I embarked into a world I’ve not known before. A world without my parents. My dad was the last to leave. It was only harder because with his demise, now they’re both gone.

Gloves and mittens through the night streets of London

There’s glitter on the pavement, I thought they were diamonds

Puddles splashed by a double-decker bus

I saw dim-lit faces looking down on us

They would have seen a little man and child

I like to think that someone did smile

As I smile to myself how I must have felt then

Holding for company, my father’s big hands

How I Met My Mother

I met my mother last Sunday. After having been ostracized after 4 years for reasons she would most likely have a hazy and varied recollection of, if at all, I met up with her again at a family wedding. Word was delivered through a Caucasian relative that she wanted to see me at the end of the proceedings. After having established that it was at her own personal behest, I got to her fuss free only hesitating to part the stream of departing guests. When I got to her, all I could do was hug her and kiss her and just hold on to her hand while just gazing at her without bothering to think of words to say. Even if there were any words said, it wouldn’t have registered for as long as I was in the shade of her countenance. If there was any dialogue it was with our smiles. But as we parted we acknowledged my dad’s absence from the proceedings. She requested that I see him. All I had in reply was a smile. And a nod.