Ode To My Latest Squeeze

Ode To My Latest Sqeeze

Asked the cat of the man,
“Can you make fur stand on end?”
Said the man to the cat,
“Place a guitar in my hand.”

Asked the cat of the man,
“Can you squeal as high as I?”
Said the man to the cat,
“When I make my guitar cry.”

Asked the cat of the man,
“Can you wail like I’m in heat?”
Said the man to the cat,
“Every time I’m on the beat.”

Asked the cat of the man,
“Can you lick yourself clean?”
Said the man to the cat,
“It’ll knock the shine right off your sheen.”

Asked the cat of the man,
“Can you scratch and scrape and shred?”
Said the man to the cat,
“Right down till my fingers bled.”

Asked the cat of the man,
“Won’t you make me your pussy?”
Said the man to the cat,
“Lemme rock, you’ll be you’ll see.”

(Inspired by Conversations With Kipling.)

Thoughts For Thursday.

Got up with the sun, but the clouds were there instead

Thought i’d dress in grey, but turned out all in red

Pest controller came and waited at the gate

Kids were still asleep from getting in quite late

Engineer seeks directions despite the satellites

Office disconnected only I can make it right

Young man from Nigeria recreating rainbows

Sensitive young lady wants to feel the touch of shadows

Silver screen starlet dressed to work a sweat

Gasps in amazement at how her top has stretched

Old love lost has bitten on her tongue

To keep in secrets from once when she was young

Lady of the pier is not allowed the daylight

But if she could hideaway she doesn’t mind the night

Caffeinated chaos, and it’s still a day from Friday

If the skies don’t get bluer it will only end in grey.

34 Years Deep

Your face

the city

that place

the lee

the levee

to be



Feelings pure

Hearts demure

Words endure

So unsure



Voices cleft

Glances deft

Hands mime

Lost time



Just touch

light clutch

Says much

Shows such



Simple thoughts

Nothing fraught

Nothing sought

Nothing ought



Memories hold

Moments stole

Minds unfold

Much untold



But end

round bend

empty hand

absent friend



No bane

No wane

Here again

Dull pain

Between Stupid And Sorry.

If you do something stupid, especially something that you know the consequences would inconvenience or trouble others, saying sorry afterwards does not cut it.

If you do something that you sincerely had no clue would end up stupid, then the sorry you say is valid.

But if you can’t be bothered to spare grey cells to ponder if something is stupid or not, and mindlessly go ahead to do it, then I’m sorry.  You are stupid.

Yo Malaysia! What Do You Want To Be When You’re 54?

The electronic sign along the Federal Highway reminded me today that it’ll soon be the 54th anniversary of our nation’s independence.  A bit early, but I reckon they need to see folks whipping up their paraphernalia for the show of 1-ness as soon as possible.

Anyway, I reached 50 recently and realised that by that age I have developed in the following ways:

  1. can discern between what’s fallacious and what’s facts,
  2. accept the natural instead of blaming the supernatural,
  3. the mentality of valour rather than that of victim,
  4. differentiate between idiosyncrasy and idiocy,
  5. ensure specialty rather than superficiality,
  6. driven by momentum rather than slogans,
  7. practice by syahadah rather than syariah,
  8. capture meaning without the metaphors,
  9. target objectives rather than incentives,
  10. go for innovation rather than imitation,
  11. seek solution rather than pontification,
  12. recognise democracy over plutocracy,
  13. qualify by merit rather than privilege,
  14. be individual rather than fashionable,
  15. distinguish hypocrisy from courtesy,
  16. collectivism over multiculturalism,
  17. be punctual rather than cultural,
  18. self-perseverance over self-pity,
  19. grasp the abstract in concepts,
  20. accept phenomena over fate,
  21. attain rather than achieve,
  22. be true rather than right.

So Malaysia, we love you dearly, but at what age will you develop all that too?