Stop The Press!

Watched a YouTube vid on Quantity over Quality. My personal reading of it would be about how to not just be overly concerned about always producing quality. But constantly produce quantity. Somehow the quality within will shine for itself. And of course, quantity sharpens the skills exponentially.

Along with that, I read about the infinite monkey theorem this morning. [Though I’m not entirely certain why I feel that relates to this.] And immediately it was STOP THE PRESS! Literally! And painted this out on my iPad without overthinking, double-guessing or just plain-assuming.

I‘m the caffeinator with my little percolator

I Have A Little Shop [Or 2]

I did some paintings over the pandemic. They’re digital oil paintings though. I couldn’t go out to get the necessary paraphernalia during lockdown. So I resorted to getting the iPad to earn its cost. And painted digitally using whatever free app was available on it.

And as now there’s enough of them, I thought I’d give this new fangled online commerce a go. I’ve got them onto saleable merchandise. As well as some of the oil on canvas I’ve done before. You can link from the images below.

Do give those paintings a click. Even if just to browse to occupy the mind and time.

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Inside Outside. A painting of my front garden. Click On the image to be transported to the shop.


Wherever I Hang My Hat That’s My Home. Available across various merchandise. Type in nichism to Search. Or click