Ever had an epiphany of something you’ve known all along suddenly creeping out of your subconscious to tap on the conscious to remind you of itself? Mine most recent was in the form of a re-realisation how reading has allowed us to think, imagine, and get past our immediate surroundings. Even if we have constant connections to the outer world through electronic devices, we’d still be dealing with a mindset that’s formed and shaped by our immediate vicinity. Unless we expand our minds to what is available beyond. And best to me is with books. It brings about internal dialogue within me and I absorb their contents better that way. Hence, I felt compelled to write this out.

I love it that we developed writing

And with it came the skill of reading

A habit that serves me well

To read from folks with things to tell

To take me out of my concerns

From trivialities in my presence

To see beyond such situations

To all the different permutations

Unlike audio to electronic screens

Reading speaks to me within

It cues and triggers mental images

I set the scenes I build the stages

Double back on certain pages

Dwell long and winding passages

From cover to cover it comes in stages

The whole message within the pages