21:21, 21.01.2021

I actually scheduled for this to be published 21:21hrs on the 21st January 2021. [Hence the title. Doink!] But nothing! I’m actually looking at the side panel that says it’d publish then. That’s almost a week ago. Oh well, WordPress.


Leave me alone before the fireworks burst

Before the hugs and the kisses, and all the best wishes

Just leave me the one glass and a half-filled carafe

And take yourself away to join all the rest

There’s probably numbers I can call

There’s people I can face

But I feel just so appalled

Every effort doomed to waste

I feel unfettered. But my mind’s all cluttered

I’m standing still. But feel unsettled

So many choices of how to be

So many options for just being me

I have no fitting character

For these circumstances

Nothing in the nether

Nothing in past tenses

Perhaps it’s time to invent a new person

Who’ll give form to this dysfunction

A shape from my imagination

And reboot myself as a work of fiction